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Toxic Terror released!

Toxic Terror is now available for just $0.99. Featuring ten challenging levels of gameplay. You’re trapped deep within the toxic sewers. It’s a dangerous place and you have to think quickly in order to survive. Grab all of the keys in a level to open the door to freedom… or at least the next level.

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Toxic Terror was a runner up in the Bundle Stars Game Jam!

The demo version of Toxic Terror was created as entry for the Bundle Stars Game Jam. I’m a bit late in announcing it here, but Toxic Terror was a runner up in the contest. The full version of the game containing many new additions will be released very soon.

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Toxic Terror demo released

Toxic Terror is a new casual action-adventure game where you must find and collect all of the keys to unlock the door and escape each level.  This would be simple except for all the terrors creeping around the toxic tunnels.  Avoiding all the gill creatures, spiders, slime monsters, spikes, and the ghost will prove to

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