Boot Hill Blaster Free now available on Google Play!

An ads-supported version of Boot Hill Blaster is now available for everyone to enjoy.  Grab the game on Google Play and see how long you can survive!

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Boot Hill Blaster 1.5.9 Released!

Changes and additions since v1.5:

  • Fixed powerups showing on the main menu when the player dies with a powerup.
  • Try to keep texture seams from showing when fullscreen.
  • Added quit confirmation screen.
  • “Controller” menu renamed “Button Map”.
  • Add Controller deadzone menu and slider.
  • Moved sound and music sliders to new menu for Windows.
  • Added deadzone setting.
  • Increased turn tics from 2 to 3.
  • Fixed double-pausing.
  • Fixed infinite loop while generating level 39 causing game to freeze.
  • Added bonus disappear sound.
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Daisia 2.1 Released!

This update has a few changes to make the game easier to play:

  • Made dragging less strict.
  • Changed the outline color of the intermission graphic to dark blue so text is easier to read.
  • Clicking/tapping the intermission graphic will now resume the game/go to the next level
  • Allow dragging off the game grid to indicate move direction.
  • Changed target and minimum Android API for the Android version.
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Boot Hill Blaster on Steam

Boot Hill Blaster is on Steam! The game features Steam achievements and a leaderboard.

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Boot Hill Blaster: Coming Soon on Steam!

Boot Hill Blaster has been reviewed and approved for release on Steam!

The page is up now, but the game won’t be released there until November 9th as per Steam’s two-week waiting period.

Meanwhile, there’s a sale going on at where you can grab it now and get a Steam key later.  While you’re there, check out the sales on all of Fascimania’s stuff!

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