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Kilgazar’s army has captured your village! It’s time to take matters into your own hands!

Battle your way through hordes of enemies. Learn and use powerful magic spells. Infiltrate the fortress to pass through the gateway to the dark underworld.

Can you defeat the demon lord, Kilgazar, and free the land from his grasp?


The demo version allows you to play a single level as the warrior class. The full version gives you more character classes, more levels, more monsters, and hotseat multiplayer mode.

Kilgazar-1.2-demo-setup.exe - Windows (38.8 MiB)

kilgazar-1.2-demo-linux.tar - Linux (12.7 MiB)


  • Choose to be a warrior, magician, rogue, or a team.
  • Single player and hotseat multiplayer modes.
  • Wield deadly weapons!
  • Cast powerful magic spells!
  • Face challenging enemies!
  • Find treasure!
  • Never the same game twice!

System Requirements

  • OpenGL-capable graphics card
  • Java 6 or newer. Note: The Windows installer installs a private copy of the Java 7 JRE.


Programming, art, sound, and music composition by Adam Biser.

Character and enemy portraits plus other art by Pierce Roth.

Portrait Models: Ashley Roth, Britt Roth, Adam Biser, Mirela Ungureanu-Biser.

Freeware and public domain sounds from Flash Kit have also been used.