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Originally released in 2011, A Taste of What Was represents a cross-section of the music that Odd Normality played over a three year period. In it you will find a blend of styles ranging from jazz to rock to classical to avant-garde.

Odd Normality was an instrumental rock band in Memphis, TN from 2008 to 2011.

Track listing

# Title Length
1. Prelude/Crunch 2:33
2. Gone Too Far 2:03
3. Midnight Snakes 2:07
4. Lure of the Sirens 3:23
5. The Beef 2:25
6. Whiplash 4:54
7. Sludge 4:04
8. CoolBeans 3:28
9. Nothing 2:12
10. Moonglaze 4:35
11. Moonglaze (Alternative Ending) (Bonus Track) 4:45
Total Playtime 36:34

All songs written by Adam Biser.

Odd Normality was
Adam Biser: guitar
Scott Carter: bass
Dwayne Caudill: drums, percussion

Tracks 1-5 were recorded at Dwayne’s house.
Track 6 is a segment from “Tennessee Bump” recorded live on September 19, 2008.
Tracks 7-11 were recorded at Bingham Recordings.