Boot Hill Blaster: Coming Soon on Steam!

Boot Hill Blaster has been reviewed and approved for release on Steam!

The page is up now, but the game won’t be released there until November 9th as per Steam’s two-week waiting period.

Meanwhile, there’s a sale going on at where you can grab it now and get a Steam key later.  While you’re there, check out the sales on all of Fascimania’s stuff!

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Toxic Terror Episode 2: The Lich’s Lair Released!

A brand new episode for Toxic Terror has been released!

A mysterious green light awakens you one night. Before you have a chance to move, it expands and grows brighter until it blinds you.

A vision appears among the light. A malicious lich has risen and is building an army of ghouls to take over the world.

You land upon a hard surface. When you can finally see again, you discover that you’ve been transported back into the toxic tunnels.

The lich must be stopped before it’s too late for humanity!

This DLC contains 10 new levels, new puzzle elements, new monsters, and new music.

The latest version of the Toxic Terror base game is required to play the new episode.

Game play.


Game play.

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Boot Hill Blaster 1.5 Released!

Version 1.5 is a substantial update over previous versions of the game.

Game play has been overhauled to make the game level-based. Four new bonus power-ups, four unique monster types, and two new settings have been added.

The update is available for Windows, Linux, and Android.

Game play.


Game play.

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Daisia 2.0 Released!

Daisia 2.0 is now available.  It has been completely rewritten to be a casual puzzle game that contains 45 puzzles ranging from easy to difficulty.  The Windows release can be played with a mouse, keyboard, or controller.  The Android release has also been updated.

The game is available for purchase on, Google Play and Amazon App Store.  Anyone who previously purchased Daisia has received this update.

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Toxic Terror is now on Steam!

Toxic Terror is now available on Steam! Thank you to everyone who voted for it on Greenlight!

Those who purchased a copy from or Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 44 should now have a key available to them there.

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